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We believe that as a church we are not just to influence the people within the walls of the church with the Gospel of Jesus, but to partner with local, provincial, national, and global organizations who are making a difference in the lives of others in the name of Jesus.

If you are wanting to partner with us in this please use the button below to donate.


Canadian Bridge Of Hope

CBOH supports projects in rural parts of India in partnership with established India aid organizations. They provide food, shelter, education of children, college and job training, and making health care available to those who will otherwise go without.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

CFB works with locally-based organizations in developing countries to meet emergency food needs, achieve long-term solutions to hunger and work to foster informed action by Canadians and governments to support this international cause.

Prairie Gleaners

As a Christian based volunteer organization, the mission is to share the love of God with the world by caring for those in need. Prairie Gleaners seeks to minimize the food waste that we see all around us and use our resources to provide for those who are lacking. 

Youth With A Mission

YWAM Selah is our local YWAM base here in Medicine Hat and lead by self-supported staff. Selah is a two-fold ministry that seeks to bring people together for prayer and also serves as a development centre where people are trained for missions and then sent out.

Hockey Ministeries

For 40 years, HMI have gone to the arena with a subtle, ice-level approach, interacting with players in informal settings. The approach is based upon the gospel not being confined to the walls of a church but could be shared at rinks on the ice, in locker rooms, or hotel lobbies.

UofC Chapel Program

Kelly Johnson is the Pentecostal Chaplain at the UofC. He is passionate about helping people encounter God in the everyday world of studies and research and through service learning locally and globally.

World Compassion

Transforming lives in nations hostile to the Gospel. We work closely with the local church in target nations and local team members on the ground. World Compassion projects and programs are sustainable and continually in motion. 

Israel Support

Many Jewish people have never heard that following Jesus is a viable and thriving expression of Jewish life. The vision of Jews for Jesus is to raise awareness of Jesus, facilitate Jewish community and provide spiritual care and meet needs in our local communities.

First Kids is a safe and fun space for ages 0-12 to discover Jesus.

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First Youth is where grades 7-12 meet friends and encounter Jesus.

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First YA is a place for ages 18+ to have honest and relevant conversation.

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