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Most Recent Gathering

Every Sunday morning at 10:30AM we gather as a church family to worship, partake in communion, pray and dive into the Bible. Our online gathering is to help newcomers get a sneak peak of what to expect at an in-person gathering. It also is to provide constant connection to family members who are unable to attend in-person due to illness, distance, weather, or lets be honest, when the wild kids start a WWE fight just as you were about to leave. 

What''s the big question you have on your mind? Maybe it is about God, finances, or relationships. As a church we want to answer your questions referencing the Bible.

We want to do better than just getting familiar with names and faces but taking the time to know your story and share others. Listen to these amazing stories.

Check out our most recent series called A Family Aligned. This year we will be journeying through the Old Testament to become an aligned family that is set apart.

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